Rovuma LNG Project

The Rovuma LNG project, similarly to Golfinho/Atum project, it provides for the construction of natural gas liquefied units onshore as well as other auxiliary infrastructure. However, this project, compared to Golfinho/Atum, presents a greater number of the national and foreign workforce, as a result of technical aspects such as (i) Size and capacity of production modules, (ii) Size of fields, (iii) Size of infrastructure and (iv) Number of production wells.

The project plans to hire about 21,000 workers at the peak of the construction phase, with 5,000 jobs for nationals working directly on the construction of onshore infrastructure, mainly through the contractor for the construction of the plant, as well as its subcontractors.

The Map below describes the total workforce required in the construction and operations phases between national and foreign workforce. It should be noted that the construction phase absorbs most of the entire workforce of the project and is where there is greater opportunity for the transfer of knowledge from foreigners to nationals, so that they are absorbed also in the operations phase.