Block 16&19

The EPCC was awarded in June 2005 to Sasol and ENH after direct negotiations. (Link to the signed EPCC )

Here is a brief description of the contract.

Contract area Block 16 & 19 (EPCC) Background, activities carried out, status, and further plans
Year awarded 2005

The EPCC was awarded in June 2005 to Sasol and ENH after direct negotiations. There were three exploration periods, of 2 years + 2 years + 4 years. The minimum work commitment during the three exploration periods included acquisition of 2600 km 2D seismic, drilling of 2 exploration wells, and acquisition of 1200 3D seismic. 

In 2007 Sasol acquired 2,050 3D seismic, and in 2008 2,000 km of 2D seismic. In the period October 2008 to February 2009 the Operator drilled two exploration wells (Njika-1 & Njika-2) which resulted in the discovery of gas at several stratigraphic levels in Upper Cretaceous reservoir sandstones (in the Lower Grudja formation; Grudja 5 and Grudja 6).

Petronas Carigali Moçambique had a 35% share from 2008 to 2017 (with a Sasol share of 50% and ENH of 15% during the same period).

The areas in water depth deeper than 50 meters were relinquished at the expiry of the contract period in 2013 including the Njika gas discoveries which were not considered commercially viable due to the challenging reservoir, with thin sands of variable quality and large extent.

For the westernmost shallow water areas exploration was suspended in 2008, pending on the completion of a Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEA). Five years are remaining for the completion of the entire exploration period since its suspension.

Operator & partners


  • • Sasol Petroleum Sofala 85% (operator)
  • • ENH 15%


  • • Sasol Petroleum Sofala 85% (operator)
  • • ENH 15%

Size (


Original: 10 548 km2

Present: 2 857 km2

block 16&19