Mozambique 4th Round - Onshore - Results

The Institute of National Petroleum of Mozambique (INP), announced on the 12th of October 2010 the results of the 4th competitive bidding round for hydrocarbon exploration, over seven separate defined areas onshore Mozambique. Map (download).

The round commenced on the 4th November 2009 and companies had seven and half months to evaluate the available technical data and formulate their applications. 

The round followed a competitive bid process that evaluated the applications on defined criteria which included Health Safety and Environmental (HSE), financial strength, technical competence / capability and the Economic terms offered to the Mozambican State.

Applications were received for all the areas on offer, but only the application for the Lower Zambezi area from DNO International ASA (, from Norway met all the terms of the evaluation criteria.

INP is pleased to announce that DNO has been invited to commence negotiations for an Exploration Production Concession Contract (EPCC) over the Lower Zambezi Graben Area which covers some 19,181 sq km and is located immediately to the North of their Inhaminga EPCC.