Golfinho/Atum Project

To develop this project, a natural gas liquefied plant will be needed to be built on land as well as other infrastructure associated with the project.

The construction process will last 5 years. And it is at this stage where much of the project's workforce will be needed, resulting in 17,000 jobs in total, of which 5000 posts are reserved for nationals. So far 85% of the national workforce is already working on the project, representing 4200 jobs already filled. Initially, most of the workforce was in low-skilled positions. However, there is a gradual increase in skilled national workforce and it is currently at 35%.

 Percentage of national workforce by professional categories

Professional categories or levels represent the workforce's level of qualification resulting in the following: Management Level 1%; Professional Level 7%; Supervisory Level 7%; Qualified Level 32%; Semi-qualified level 25%; and Unqualified Level 28%.

It should be noted that the highest professional categories, i.e. supervision, professional and management, are the ones that require the highest level of qualification, and where succession of foreigners by nationals is possible, as well as the transfer of knowledge.

Location of the Workforce in the Country

Right from the outset, the Area 1 project has committed to prioritise the workforce of the area affected by the project and only then the rest of the country. As illustrated in the map below, 36% of the total project workforce is in the area where it is deployed, representing a direct impact on the host community. The province of Cabo Delgado and the rest of the country's provinces comprise 53% and 11% of the workforce, accordingly.