Exploration & Production



240 wells have been drilled to date in Mozambique. Information relating these wells can be found in the INP Database Center.


Seismic Prospecting or Geophysical Prospecting

Is to apply seismic methods to map the geological structures of the subsurface of stratigraphic features in order to locate oil and gas or mineral deposits. Seismic prospecting includes seismic reflection and refraction, however in the oil field major emphasis is given to seismic reflection.



Natural Gas Production

Natural Gas is the oil which under normal atmospheric conditions is found in the gaseous state, as well as unconventional gas, including methane gas, associated with coal and bituminous shale gas. Natural gas is produced in Mozambique at the Pande/Temane fields, located in the Mozambique Basin, and in 2004 Temane Field production began and in 2009 the Pande field was coupled to the system. The cumulative gas produced until October 2020 was 58,679,066,717.7 Nm3, corresponding to 2,433,030,638.7 (Chart 1).

The natural gas produced is processed at the Gas Processing Plant located in Temane, Inhambane Province, and about 80% of this gas is exported to South Africa and the remainder sold in the domestic market.