Natural Gas Production

The natural gas production started in 2004, in the Temane field and in 2009 the Pande field was coupled to the system. The total amount of gas produced from 2004 until December 2018 was 2,087,362,397.89 GJ (Giga Joules) which correspond to 50,253,304,876.26 Nm3 (Normal cubic meter) and condensate produced was 7,102,613.86 bbl. (barrels).

The graphs below show the evolution of the quantities of natural gas and condensate produced in Mozambique, through Pande and Temane field, respectively.

Imagem de producao 1
imagem 2

Gas royalty

The current production capacity of CPF is 197 MGJ / year. The amount of royalty gas to be delivered to the government is about 9 MGJ / year. Make sure that not all capacity of the processing center and facilitation (CPF) is being explored.

The graph of Annual Evolution of Natural Gas production (Fig. 1.) shows the quantities of royalty gas that were delivered to the Government in a total of 99,135,116.63 MGJ between 2004 and 2018.