SME’s Urged to Build Capacity to Participate in Natural Gas projects

SME’s Urged to Build Capacity to Participate in Natural Gas projects

Maputo, 1 November 2020-Mozambique is experiencing an unparalleled moment in its history, thanks to the discoveries of natural gas in the Rovuma Basin. This fact is raising great expectation amongs Mozambicans, but also, and above all, it should inspire and reinvigorate joint engagement around the new dynamic that the country is embracing.

So far, just over 300 Mozambican companies provide services to different natural gas projects, which has led to the creation of more jobs and diversification of the national economy. However, it is our goal that more Mozambican companies can join this list. To this end, it is necessary that opportunities are disclosed in a timely manner, that there is transparency in the procurement processes and that Mozambican companies abide with the requirements by the companies that contract these goods and services.

INP as regulator is focused on the development and implementation of initiatives that promote the participation of the national business community in the most impactful way that culminates, not only with the growth of our economy, but above all, in the transfer of a legacy of values ​​and competences that will serve the country in the medium and long term, even when the will have reached projects have reached their last stages of development. Therefore, amongst initiatives carried out by INP, in partnership with other Government institutions, we contemplate the dissemination of information on national legislation that includes local content most relevant aspects, the need to enforce and cooperate in the improvement of mandatory instruments and monitoring local content, ensuring healthy competition, transferring knowledge and technologies with a view to stimulating the national competitiveness and supporting the Government in actions to maximize the participation of Mozambican companies in the oil and gas value chain.


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