How Can Technology Devices Boost the Oil and Gas Sector in Mozambique?

How Can Technology Devices Boost the Oil and Gas Sector in Mozambique?

Maputo, 30 November 2020 – “The dawn of the oil and gas industry in Mozambique is an unprecedented opportunity at all levels of its value chain. By exposing our industrial structure to new technological devices and the impacts generated by them, our expectation is that there will be an inductive, dynamic and even aggressive process of knowledge appropriations”. This statement was made by Augusto Macuvele, Administrator at INP when invited to talk about the investments made in technology in the area of natural resources in Mozambique and its accessibility to Small and Medium Enterprises.

According to Macuvele, our business class must first and foremost feel naturally and spontaneously the need to seek and equip itself with technological devices to improve its productivity and, consequently, its competitiveness in the market. Then, there will be greater availability and accessibility of these devices as a result of the demands.

However, we must bear in mind that the weak capacity in terms of specialisation for the adoption of new technological devices can be an obstacle to the rapid insertion of companies in the domestic market, Macuvele said. Therefore, it will be important for the local industry to get greater financial and technical robustness, and all this is possible to be triggered by the opportunities that the industry itself presents to the country and through partnerships.

For instance, we have the successful case of young Mozambicans participating actively in the construction and assembly of the platform of the South Korea Coral Sul project, the country gains by means of transferring knowledge and by applying the technology, as well as through the revenues that will be generated by the project. So the industry has the possibility to not only transfer gains in revenue, but also to contribute objectively to the construction of a mass capable of adopting and using the devices and technologies associated with industry for the benefit of the country, Macuvele concluded.

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